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YinSightful Yoga Teacher Training

Fascia Foam Roller Teacher Training 





“There is a pattern, an order, in human bodies… when the body gets working appropriately, the force of gravity can flow through. Then spontaneously, the body heals itself.” – Ida Rolf

 YinSightful Yoga

Teacher Training

“Silence isn’t empty, it is full of answers” Buddha

YinSightful Yoga Teacher Training  is a journey of quieting the mind to hear the soul speak!  Observe the internal landscape, connect with the heart's intelligence, surrender to embodied intuition and reveal in-depth knowledge of your being, from structural mechanics to subtle energy.

Long held poses offer abundant opportunities to explore edges of resistance along the fascia and organ meridians. The koshas 5 layers of being offer a path around each edge to view resistance from physical, energetic, sensory, mindful discernment, and blissful input.  The chakras a path of totality. Connect with our richest sensory organ of communication, ignite healing, and transform the intuition, being, and soul...graceful flexibility

Welcoming  yoga teachers and serious yinsters interested in deepening practices that take YinSights Off The Mat 


Fascia Foam Rolling

 Teacher Training 

roll your way to ease

lead a proactive healthy pain free life

Foam rolling is the closest you can come to self–massage. Locally stimulate soft tissues with issues to release long held stress and chronic tension. Soft foam rollers are useful tools to introduce local cleansing of soft tissues and invigorate them with renewed nourishing hydration. Explore multi-directional slow fascia yin rolling, introducing a depth and pressure similar to the techniques used in massage and bodywork. Experience the juicy results of increased flexibility, mobility, and ease in motion.

Gems, Benefits and Fascinating Nuggets of Knowledge

Fascia rolling science and research 

Benefits of multi-directional, slow, soft  rolling

Active engagement techniques

Identify areas contributing to pain, immobility and inflexibility

Intelligent sequencing from head to toe

Immediately transition skills to the mat

Looking forward to meeting teachers as well as those interested in furthering their own personal practice.

Let's Rock and Roll

Hours: 16 contact hours, YACEP

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