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I would recommend Theresa Tobin Macy's "Advanced Corrective Therapies" course to anyone who is looking for a comprehensive, hands-on, thought-provoking, applicable approach to their practice.  Unlike some courses that try to cram in too much information, Theresa combines the right balance of theory/assessment, body mechanics, and technique.  Her course taught me the finer skills of affecting the deeper layers of soft tissue as well as improving my client/therapist communication skills.  A great value for the novice or experienced massage practitioner.

Derek MacMahon, LMT

When it came time for the Anatomy portion of our Yoga Teacher Training, I arrived much like I did to my high school science classes...unenthused and shut down. It's just never been my "thing." Theresa Macy came in with exact opposite manner; she was energized and extremely open. Her love for anatomy dripped off her and somehow made its way to me. A smile would form on her lips and I came to know that smile as the precursor to her telling us something really cool about the body. She made anatomy interesting and cool. I found myself becoming more curious about things I previously took for granted but didn't give thought to how or why they worked. Theresa was an asset to my training, my yoga and my overall understanding of the bones I've housed my whole life but never really knew! "

Sherry Hanck, RYT

You are an incredible educator Theresa! You have an obvious passion and the knowledge and convey it in a palatable and effective means. The concentration on body mechanics and allowing the time for all the hands on work really separates you from other courses I've taken in the past. You take a personal approach and are able to manage the different skill and knowledge levels of the class effectively. In a nutshell, you rock!

Derek Somerville, LMT

Theresa was my teacher, trainer & mentor for year at Cortiva Institute of Massage Therapy in King of Prussia, Pa. She has always shown a love and passion for what she does & it comes out in every class she teaches. She genuinely cares about her students and their success. Postural Stress Reduction is just one of those classes in which she demonstrates her love for massage and for all of her students. If you are finding yourself hurting after every week or even everyday, then this class is for you! The best thing about this class is it is not only useful for Massage Therapists but also their clients. Learn to use your body properly and then you will be able to teach your clients to do the same. This is a "must take" class for anyone who is serious about the longevity of their career.

Bill Master, LMT

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